Faxing via print function

Faxing via print function.
Available for Windows 32 and 64-bit!
Windows 10 also!

Manage your faxes digitally

A simple and easy way to manage your faxes digitally

Fax numbers

Fax numbers for the
whole of Germany

Prepaid and contract options available

Prepaid and contract
options available

made in Germany

Business class fax provider

With blueFAX you easily send and receive real fax messages over the internet.

We are your online fax service. We equip you with your own faxnumber.
We make you use fax even when you are en route.

Less costs, more benefits than a conventional fax machine:

  • Send faxes online and when you are en route
  • Receive faxes in your e-mail box as pdf attachment
  • Archive and search your faxes as easy as e-mails
  • Also use different gateways like mail-to-fax, fax-to-mail, http-gateways ...

Send your faxes online

Send faxes without a convential fax machine - everywhere and any time.
Use it when you are in the office, on a busines travel and even abroad.

Your benefits:

  • Fast and safe transmission via web frontend (customer login)
  • Create your fax directly online like generating an e-mail, even use drafts
  • Upload and send your documents like PDF or Word files
  • Use mail-to-fax to send your faxes out of your e-mail program
  • Receive transmission reports via e-mail or mobile short message 
  • Use blueFAX webgate to integrate faxsolutions into your software

Get your own inbound faxnumber

We provide you with your personal inbound faxnumber or even a block of numbers for your entire office, co-workers and home-office.

Incoming faxes will be forwarded to your e-mail account immediately. Additionally your faxes will be saved into your fax inbox within the blueFAX customer login.

Your benefits:

  • Inbound fax numbers from your area code
  • Receive faxes without having a real phone line
  • Inbound flat rate (no costs per page or fax)
  • Manage, archive and search your faxes like e-mails

Send faxes directly from Windows

blueFAX allows you to send faxes directly from Windows. Use the print function to send faxes from any application.

blueFAX FSP is a virtual fax modem for Windows and its fax functions (Microsoft Shared Fax Driver) and is activated in Windows-Fax and -Scan (Windows Vista and 7).  This ensures security, reliability and long term support. You do not need a telephone line.

  • Send faxes from any windows application
  • Free of charge for all blueFAX Premium customers
  • From Windows XP, 32 and 64-bit systems
  • Certified Windows software
  • Also available for Windows Server from 2000 (licence fee upon request)

Need more than fax? Switching from ISDN to VoIP?
Looking for a smart and new IP telephony solution?

bluePBX combines telephone lines, PBX System and unified communications in one system.

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