Manage your faxes digitally

A simple and easy way to manage your faxes digitally

Fax numbers

Fax numbers for the
whole of Germany

Prepaid and contract options available

Prepaid and contract
options available

Fax centre: Incoming and outgoing

Send faxes like emails via the fax centre.

As a blueFAX Premium customer, you have the added option of assigning fax folders and carry out advanced searches. Common functions, such as moving and deleting of faxes are available via the fax centre. All this is made possible via the fax archive option, which has the capacity to archive an unlimited number of faxes.

All faxes are automatically deleted after 80 days if you do not wish to archive them or if you are a blueFAX Prepaid customer. This applies to incoming as well as outgoing faxes.

Fax centre: create new fax

Simply upload one or more documents from your hard drive, type your fax message into the blueFAX Text editor or do both.

Save your own stationery in pdf format and select when creating a new fax. The fax message is printed on it automatically.

A preview of the fax and the price for sending it is displayed before it is transmitted.