Manage your faxes digitally

A simple and easy way to manage your faxes digitally

Fax numbers

Fax numbers for the
whole of Germany

Prepaid and contract options available

Prepaid and contract
options available

blueFAX product overview

  blueFAX Prepaid blueFAX Premium
Sending faxes
incl. 3 dial-up attempts
and transmission attempts
yes, from 12 cent
Price list for sending faxes
yes, from 8 cent
Price list for sending faxes
Receiving faxes via
personal fax number
yes3,8, € 4.90 per month yes8, € 4.90 per month
Fax number allocation once Local area code: € 14.90 Local area code 3-4 digits: € 14.90
Extended search function77 no optional, free of charge
Manage fax
archive and save faxes
no optional, 1000 faxes are free of charge, after that,
€ 4.90 for every further 1000 faxes
Windows Fax no yes
Web/HTTP-Gateway no yes
Mail2Fax Gateway yes yes
SMS transmission report optional, 9 Cent pro SMS optional, 9 Cent pro SMS
SMS notification optional, 9 cent per SMS optional, 9 cent per SMS
Support via email via email and telephone
Invoicing monthly monthly
Payment method Prepaid credit5 Contract via direct debit2, credit card,
upon receipt of invoice per special request only
Cancellation period 1 working day 1 working day
One-off setup € 0.00 € 0.00
Basic monthly charge € 0.00 € 0.00
Minimum use per month1 - € 8.50

1 A minimum fee of € 8.50 is applied if the monthly usage within one calendar month is lower than € 8.50. Included are all application related services, not however any setup fees, postage and shipping costs
2 Direct debit is only available in connection with a German account.
3 Prepaid customers: Customers may extend their fax numbers 3 months before the end of the12 month contract. Fax numbers not extended are deleted automatically.
4 Only available with blueFAX Premium. Incoming and outgoing faxes are registered via text recognition and are therefore searchable.
5 Only available for blueFAX Prepaid. Top-ups of € 10.00, € 20.00, € 50.00 and € 100.00
6 Price per SMS notification € 0.10
7 The fax centre search function is extended by the search for key words and fax content. This is why all incoming and outgoing faxes are scanned via text recognition after activating this function and why the result is saved together with all other faxes for the added search function.
8 In case of porting a number from another carrier to blueFAX or vice versa, a one time charge of 50,00 € will apply