Manage your faxes digitally

A simple and easy way to manage your faxes digitally

Fax numbers

Fax numbers for the
whole of Germany

Prepaid and contract options available

Prepaid and contract
options available

Receive your faxes via email

Incoming faxes arrive directly and already converted as pdf file in your email inbox.

You will receive your own personal fax number.

To suit your requirements:
either with your local area code.

Receive faxes anywhere via your own fax number

Use your fax number on business cards, letter heads or the internet!
Provide your sales department, employees and freelancers with their own fax numbers.

Advantages of receiving faxes online

  • Manage and archive faxes digitally, without intermediate steps
  • Fax transmissions without landline or fax machine
  • Fax numbers with your own local area code
  • Forward any faxes received easily and without losing image quality to employees or other email recipients

NEW: Receive inbound faxes via FTP-Upload

  • Upload of received fax via FTP-Transfer
  • Fallback to email delivery in case of FTP-Failure
  • Fax filename contains date, time, caller-id and your faxnumber
  • Perfect for system intregrations and advances fax processing

Overview of the facts

  • Your own fax number
  • Monthly fee: € 4.90
  • Number allocation, one-off charge €14.90

Did you know?

Many customer relationship management systems (CRM systems) can be used to allocate emails to individual customers.

This enables you access to your fax correspondence quickly and in an organised manner.

Fax response channel

Your blueFAX number is a great way to receive responses
to marketing campaigns.

Fax registrations, fax orders or fax enquiries - now easily received via email, without spending money on paper or infrastructure.