Manage your faxes digitally

A simple and easy way to manage your faxes digitally

Fax numbers

Fax numbers for the
whole of Germany

Prepaid and contract options available

Prepaid and contract
options available

Fax number

Get your own, personal fax number now - with your standard fixed-line dialling code.

We will allocate and send you your own fax number.


Incoming fax - flat rate: No further costs are incurred
no matter how many faxes you receive1!


  • Any local area code available within Germany
  • No additional cost for faxes received
  • Numbers are allocated to your name or company

1 A maximum of two faxes can be received simultaneously: there are only two incoming lines for each fax number.


  • Monthly subscription: € 4.90
  • Allocation, one-off: from € 14.90

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Security guarantee

blueFAX is not an office service but merely allocates numbers to members. All allocated fax numbers can be used anywhere without giving any additional information.